we are TEKFOODS  a trading company in fields of food industry and our commodities are all types of  spaghetti ; pasta and noodle  with the best  quality and design .as a trading company we  selected the best suppliers of producing spaghetti without any additive and with semolina flour that have the best world certificate as bellow :

1- Certificate holder of ISO 2005-22000 from TUV Intercert Company

2- Certificate holder of ISO 2008-9001 from TUV Intercert Company

3- Certificate holder of the research and development from Industries and Mines Organization

4- Licensed to build all types of flour and pasta from the supervision department on food and drug

5-Standard license holder for all types of flour and pasta from the bureau of standards and industrial research

This is why we can supply you the best quality product with our brand or with your private lable or even in bulk.

Other services of us:

CUSTOMERs responsibity:

 You can count on us for any questions, price inquiry, samples or whatever you may need from us. We are always open to new possibilities and new agreements with our clients and we really hope we can establish mutual beneficial business relationships with all customers. This is why feel free for any inquiry please contact info@tekfoods.com and we will meet your demands as soon as possible.

Customer advice:

One of the other free services that we offer our customer is advice service about marketing in their local market with our opinion.


One of the most important parameters for customers, of course after quality, is price. Because of we think for long term business and friendly relationship with customer, this is why you can count on us for competitive price and invite you to compare our price and quality by other rivals.

Mission statement:

 We believe that human development is one of the most valuable goals of civilization, and health, peace and well-being can provide the best conditions for the growth and strengthening of human abilities.This belief will lead us to work on all activities that develop some kind of health, peace and well-being of the community.

Products and Services

Our main service, trying to deliver the best products to clients at competitive prices and deliver it with respect to a fully professional standard at the global level and the collection and processing of strategic and marketable information And providing advisory services for advertising and marketing to our clients

Competitive advantage

Our agility and flexibility in discovering market changes and customer requirements and
our ability to interpret this strategic information for the company the quick and correct answer to these changes is our privilege in comparison with the rivals. Also we can supply for our clients the bulk products or with their private lable.

We believe in fair competition and healthy business because everyone benefits from a healthy marketWe insist on the quality and suitability of our products and services at the same time, we do not do any effort to squeeze and restrict the market And for the last talkWe believe that innovation is the cornerstone of success; and quality in business guarantees the company’s survival.