Best dried pasta from Italy worldwide export

Best dried pasta from Italy worldwide export

Best dried pasta from Italy worldwide export is more than 9 billion tons Annually. Although in 3rd century Marco Polo bring the first pasta food to Italy from china. Italy is famous for Pasta now. If you see menu of restaurants, there is a category of Italian food that is all types of pasta. Because the first manufacturers and official factories of pasta was in Italy. Fresh pasta and Dried Pasta are the main categories of Pasta. The other types of pasta are involving in these categories. Fresh pasta was handmade. Recently factories are making fresh pasta for export or internal usages. Before, most of pasta exports was exclusive to Dried pasta.


Best dried pasta from Italy worldwide export

Why export Best dried pasta from Italy is more than other countries?

Italy has the oldest factories that are producing Best dried pasta for centuries. Also pasta lover in Italy was too much. So diverse pasta types became a main course in Italian restaurants. Also tourists that were traveling to Italy recognize that there are a lot of different type of pasta foods in their menus. So it becomes normal that Italian food is a cuisine that is pasta with different recipes. Every region has its own special recipes for making pasta. Pasta with meatballs is using in America and Canada. But Italian prepare pasta foods with Bechamel sauce and vegetables. Also countries have different habits to eat pasta. For example, American people use spoon and fork for eating. You will never see in Italy that a person is eating pasta with spoon.

 Best dried pasta from Italy worldwide export

Best dried pasta for exports in Italy

Best dried pasta from Italy is one of the best choices for export. Because it has a long history for producing and trading pasta and spaghetti. Also Dried Pasta is good for export. They will not get bad in long distances. Also They do not need refrigerators for transferring. There are more reasons that make Dried pasta from Italy exports globally. Some reasons that make dried pasta The best:

  • Best ingredients
  • High quality
  • Stability without stabilizers
  • Natural and Organic ingredients

Although Italy is the biggest exporter of Pasta in varied shapes. But there are too many factories that is producing pasta as best as Italian manufacturers. Iran, Turkey, China are the best producers of Pasta and noodles and Asian versions of Pasta after Italy.


Best dried pasta Ingredients

Ingredients of Best dried pasta is similar to each other. But the flour of Pasta Has a direct impact on its quality. So different types of Pasta like brown pasta or durum wheat pasta are because of their flour. Natural fibers and Bran of wheat flours make the dried pasta better. It helps digesting system of body and health care. Brown pasta have higher nutrition value. Protein and fibers inside pasta flour is good for health. Also all people that are on a diet or have a slimming diet could put pasta in their daily meals. Best dried pasta ingredients are available in Iran. Because the best fresh wheat flour is more in Iran. Pasta producers in Iran use fresh ingredients. Because their exports and sells are in bulk. So there is no old dried pasta export from Iran.



 Best dried pasta from Italy worldwide export


Global Best dries pasta companies for export

There are some companies all around the world that is producing the best dried pasta for export. The most famous pasta factories and chain stores that is using pasta in USA are Colavita and spaghettios. In Italy, The most famous brand of dried pasta is barilla. Barilla group is exporting all types of Pasta to the world. the other brand of Italian Pasta is Rustichella D Abruzzo. Their spaghetti and pasta boxes are available in varied packets.