Spaghetti noodles export is worldwide, very thin spaghetti, often coiled into nests. Capelli d’angelo are slightly thinner.


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Buy Pasta Products At Best Price

Buy Pasta Products At Best Price

Buy pasta products at best price is very important.Pasta is mix from only two ingredients: water and semolina. Therefore the quality of the pasta depends exclusively on the quality of the durum wheat semolina. From a nutritional point of view it contains more proteins and gluten than soft wheat flour.  The products from it preserve longer, have a lower glycemic index and contain carotenoids, organic pigments. Hence, that bond and eliminate antioxidants. The ability of hard wheat to retain the starch contain in it ensures perfect cooking and prevents the pasta from sticking.

Buy Pasta Products At Best Price


Hard or durum wheat grains

Hard or durum wheat grains are more difficult to break apart, they have a course texture and a yellow-amber color. From the milling of hard wheat we obtain semolina, whole wheat semolina and re-milled semolina. Compare to white flour, semolina is granular and has an intense yellow color because it contains carotenoids. It is tougher and less extendible than white flour. However,  this is why it is suitable for the production of bread and pasta. Tekfoods pasta products are best to buy at very good price.

Buy Pasta Products At Best Price

Grains that keep all three of parts

Grains that keep all three of parts of the original grain kernel — germ, bran and endosperm — in their original proportions after being milled into flour, are called whole grains, according to the Wheat Foods Council. They contain fiber, a type of carbohydrate associate with a lower risk of heart disease, and also retain their vitamin and mineral content better than refine grains. Thus, whole wheat flour and products made from it contain contain wheat germ and wheat bran as well as the endosperm.

Durum is the hardest of all wheat and has a higher protein and gluten content than other types of wheat, states the Wheat Foods Council. When durum wheat is mill, its endosperm is ground up into a product call semolina However, which is then mix with water into a thick dough that is force through holes of different shapes to make different types of pasta. The naturally rich yellow color of the durum endosperm gives pasta its golden color.

Buy Pasta Products At Best Price


Durum is a variety of wheat

Durum is a variety of wheat that has a higher protein and gluten content than other kinds of wheat. Whole wheat of any variety is wheat that contains all three parts of the wheat grain — germ, bran and endosperm. Whole wheat, whether durum or another variety, is more nutritious than its refinencounterparts. Because it contains the nutrient-rich germ and bran that are otherwise stripped away during the refining process..

Like any other type of wheat or other grain, durum wheat products likely are not  from the whole kernel unless the package says “100 percent whole-grain durum,”. When using pasta products that contain some whole-grain durum but are not 100 percent whole grain.

Buy Pasta Products At Best Price

Soft wheat flour contains less proteins

Soft wheat flour contains less proteins and absorbs less humidity compared to hard. It break easily and are use to obtain white flour that is employ in many ways according to the degree of refining: type 0, 00, type 1, type 2 and whole wheat. It is generally use for making bread and bakery products because the dough obtain is relatively tough and quite extendible

A product can be call durum wheat semolina pasta only when it is the result of the extrusionrolling and drying of dough. That is  exclusively from hard wheat and water without the addition of coloring agents or preservatives. The special properties of durum wheat mean that the starch is not lose and the pasta does not overcook, ensuring a unique and authentic taste.